Information for organists

An introduction to the organ loft at St Luke's


The Compton console is the organ to be played. After switching on, it is ready to play with default settings.

The Jardine organ is faulty but, as at May 2024, can be played if stops chosen carefully

The Nord Electro is not suitable for traditional hymns. It is a ‘Hammond’ style tone wheel organ and electric piano such as Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer.

Compton Console Organ (Digital)

Digital organ with 4 manuals and pedalbord. Built using Compton manuals. The software has been customised for our church.

There is a quick start guide and manual with the organ. When switched on, it defaults to General 1 settings and so is ready to play. Settings can be changed on the touch screen

Jardine Pipe Organ

Pipe organ with 2 manuals and pedalboard. Built by Jardine’s in 1968

The organ has been maintained but does require an overhaul of the pipes. It is playable with careful choice of stops. It is best to play the upper manual as the main keyboard, or select Man II to Man I coupler and play the lower manual.

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