Compton Organ Console

Work in progress

Currently using a large stage keyboard amplifier, the next few weeks will see the implementation of 4 channel amplification with an Inter-M QD4960 Quad amplifier (4 x 170W) and 4 x 350W speakers


The organ is built with Grand Orgue software using a 4 manual Compton console and pedalboard with MIDI implementation and touchscreen control. 

  • Individual  stops are controlled from the touch screen.
  • Generals, Divisionals, Couplers and Tremulants are controlled from the pistons on the console. These can also be controlled from the touch screen.
  • Divisionals for the pedalboard are controlled by the foot pistons on the right hand side of the pedalboard.
  • There are 3 expression pedals. Left to right: Choir, Swell, Solo.
  • 98 Thumb Pistons, 16 Toe pistons. Not all pistons are used
Pedalboard: Straight flat 32 keys
Compass: C1-G3
Manuals I-IV
Keys: 61
Compass: C2-C6
Grand Orgue Implementation

St Luke v3.0

Speaking Stops: 71

  • Choir: 10
  • Great: 20
  • Swell: 17
  • Solo: 14
  • Pedals: 10

Stops are listed in the manual

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