Make your own shakers to join in with the music

What you need to make the shakers
  • Plastic bottles: 500ml, 330ml, 150ml. Only use bottles that have a screw top
  • Dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, rice
How to make them
  • Wash the bottles to make sure they are totally clean. If there is a paper or plastic label, now would be a good time to take it off.
  • Dry them upside down, and the leave standing upright to get totally dry.
  • Put two spoons of the dried food in the larger bottles.
  • The 150ml bottles are perfect for a spoonful of rice.
  • Screw the top on tightly

If you want, you can decorate the bottles, paint them and add stickers.

The small 150ml bottles with rice make a light sound like the egg shakers.

The larger bottles with larger beans or grains make a deeper sound.

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