Parish Boundary

From the point where Agecroft Road crosses the railway, S along Salford Crescent – Clifton railway then by a bee-line to Salford Crescent – Swinton railway to Laundry Street. W along Laundry Street, Nave Court, Charles Street, Broad Street and by a bee-line to Chasely Road, Eccles Old Road, Half Edge Lane, Victoria Crescent, Ellesmere Road to the end of the road. Then NW by a beeline to Folly Brook (including all Welbeck Road and Godolphin Close estate in the Ss Peter and Paul parish) and by a beeline across Eccles College to the border of Swinton Park Golf Club, and NE along Welwyn Drive (both sides in St Lukes’s), E along East Lancashire Road and Manchester road. Then by a bee-line NE to and along Highfiled Drive, Fairway, NW along Bolton Road and Agecroft Road to the point it crosses the railway.