Children's Liturgy

Eighteenth Sunday of the Year

“The miracle of the loaves and the fishes”

Through the power of God, Jesus was able to share five loaves and two fish with a crowd of five thousand people. Today he shares himself with us through the Eucharist, the bread of everlasting life. Jesus fed the crowd in a lonely place, which assures us that nowhere is too far for God to reach.

However isolated we may feel, God can feed us where we are. Even in these difficult times of pandemic when people find it difficult to attend mass they can spiritually receive the Lord if they pray from their heart. The miracle of the loaves and the fish is a sign of the unlimited power of Jesus, which is available to every human need. Blessed are those who are hungry for God, for they will surely be fed.

We sing alleluia,

God gives us food,

Food for all to share. 

Gospel Reading

(St Matthew)

A large crowd had followed Jesus to a hillside beside the sea of Galilee, to hear him teaching. As it grew late in the day the disciples asked Jesus to send the people away to find some food for themselves. ‘They do not need to leave’, said Jesus. ‘We can share our food with them.

‘But all we have for ourselves are five loaves and two fish, and there must be five thousand people to feed!’ exclaimed the disciples. ‘Bring the food to me,’ said Jesus and he told the crowds to sit down quietly. He blessed the bread, broke it, and handed it to the disciples to share with the people. There was plenty for everyone to eat, and when they finished eating, they filled twelve baskets with the scraps. The people were amazed and they went away telling everyone about the miracle they had seen that day.


This is the Gospel of the Lord.


·      Why were the disciples surprised when Jesus told them to share their food with the crowd? – They only had five loaves and two fish so how could they feed so many?

Jesus shows us that we must be ready to share whatever we have with others.

·      What did Jesus do with the loaves of bread? – He blessed them according to the Jewish custom.

·      Can you remember another time when Jesus blessed bread and shared it with others? – The last supper.

·      How do we remember this meal at mass? - when the priest blesses the bread and wine so that they can become the body and blood of Christ for us to share in the Eucharist meal.

Just as Jesus fed thousands that day, so he continues to feed millions today with his own body and blood, through the power of God.

·      How do you think the disciples felt as they gave out the loaves and the fish? – They were amazed at the power of Jesus, as he proved again that he was the son of God.

Closing Prayer


Help us to share whatever we have with others,

And not to be greedy in any way,

As we remember our brothers and sisters

In other countries

Who have no food

We pray that the rest of the world

Will learn to share too,

So that the world can be a happier place.


  • Using small coloured squares of paper you can stick over the shapes to make a mosaic picture. There is a famous Byzantine mosaic of the loaves and the fishes found in a place called Tabgha where this miracle is said to have happened.

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