Children's Liturgy

Twenty-ninth Sunday of the Year

 “Give to God what belongs to God”


Everything we have was given to us by God, who pours out his love with unending generosity . How often do we remember to say “Thank you” or to return just a little of what we have been given.


Opening Prayer:

If we keep our eyes on the light ,

We need never feel afraid,

Jesus will walk before us,

Guiding us through life

Towards the Kingdom of Heaven



Lord Jesus we want to love others,

And to live as you did, but it is not easy

And often we make mistakes.

Help us to choose

To do what pleases God,

And to put things right

If we have done wrong.


Gospel Reading

Gospel Acclamation

Alleluia, Alleluia

Lord help us to listen carefully to your word today.

Open our ears and hearts so that we will hear and

Understand your message.

Alleluia, Alleluia



Gospel - by St Matthew

One day some clever people tried to catch Jesus out, ‘Sir, we know you are an honest man and teach the truth about God’s way. Tell us then, do you think the law allows the Jews to pay tax to the Roman Caesar?’ But Jesus knew their wickedness, and said, ‘Why are you trying to trick me? Show me the coin you use to pay the tax.’ They gave him the coin. Jesus said, ’Whose head can you see on the coin?’ They said, ‘Caesar’s.’ ‘And whose name can you see written on the coin?’ Jesus asked. ‘Caesar’s, they said. ‘Then give to Caesar what is his and give to God what is God’s,’ said Jesus.


This is the Gospel of the Lord


At the time Jesus was born ,  the Romans had ruled over the land of Palestine for about sixty years. The Romans needed many soldiers to keep law and order, because the Jews were most upset by the very high taxes which they had to pay to the Romans.

    How did the Pharisees try to trick Jesus? - They were jealous of Jesus because he was so popular with the people and often criticised the Pharisees. They hoped to get Jesus into trouble with the Romans, they were expecting him to tell the people to give their money to God and not to the Romans. Anyone who did not pay their taxes were immediately arrested and punished.

    What did Jesus ask them to do ? - He asked them to show him a Roman coin which was called a denarius. Just as we have a leader of our country on our coins , so a picture of the ruling Emperor was put on each coin.

    Can you remember the name of the Roman Emperor at that time?

    Did Jesus tell the people to stop giving their money in taxes to the Romans?

Jesus answered this trick question wisely. He told the people to give back to Caesar what belonged to him. But at the same time giving back to God what belonged to God.

If not money , what did Jesus want the people to give back to God? - He wanted them to return the love he gave to them. We too can share everything with our heavenly Father by giving him the gift of ourselves; all that we are and all that we have.

Closing Prayer

Father in Heaven I give you today,

All that I think and do and say,

Fill me with grace and make me strong,

With you at my side I won’t go wrong.


  • Can you think of one everyday thing which you could offer to God as a sign of your love for him ? It could be tidying your room, spending time with someone, smile or saying a prayer. Draw a picture of whatever you choose and pin it with the caption ‘We offer our lives to God’

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