Fr Patrick Coyne (Curate: 1981-1987)

(photo wedding of Gary and Joanne Jones)

Patrick John Coyne was born 11 December 1947 in Ordsall, St Joseph's parish. He went to school at De La Salle and then at St Bede's College, before proceeding to Ushaw where apparently he earned the nickname "Happy Pat"  He was ordained 6 March 1971 at St Joseph's Church, Ordsall by Bishop Holland

He served curacies at St Patrick's, Oldham 1971-1981, and at St Luke, Irlams o'th Height 1981-1987. Soon after the arrival to St Luke's, the housekeeper, Miss Heywood, died. Fr Brown and Fr Coyne set about doing things for themselves and there was not to be a hoousekeeper again in the presbytery of St Luke's. Fr Brown wrote (as he often did referring to himself in the third person)

Fr Coyne is a very good cook and Fr Brown isn't bad either. Mrs Richardson does some part time help & one or two others, like Mrs Marie Murray. We cope.

In 1987 Fr Coyne was sent to Shadsworth to take charge of the parish of Christ the King & St Anthony, there he would celebrate his Silver Jubilee in 1996, but in total was PP for just ten years before his premature death 28 August 1997 at the age of 50.

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