Societies and Groups in the Parish

Societies, Groups and Activities

There have been many societies contributing to the life of our parish. Here is a list of some of these together with the year of when they started. 

1924 St Vincent de Paul Society

In 1969 James O'Garr received the Benemerenti Medal for 40 years service to the SVP)

1927 Catholic Needlework Guild

April 1936 Sodality branch of the Legion of Mary

c 1938 Men's Society

February 1942 Youth Club.

In 1947 this was being run by Mr Towers

April 1943 Catholic Parents Association

April 1948 Union of Catholic Mothers.

Nov 1976 Play group

1977 Cub Scouts (started by Fr Lannon) 

Fund raising

Fund raising has always been necessary to pay for the church, the school and the parish hall. The 1960's saw a 500 Club (pictured above), as we do now over 30 years later 


In addition, St Luke's parishioners have been active in the Catenians

In September 1929, the Catenians started a branch in Eccles, called the Eccles Circle and was founded by William Merrick and several others from the South Manchester Circle. Originally we remained in Eccles holding meetings at the Duke of York and Cross Keys pubs before we changed the name to Salford Circle as the incoming President was an alderman on Salford Council. 

St Luke's have always had good representation within the Catenians as we supplied the youngest ever Provincial President in the late Eddie Hosey. Past Presidents from the parish include: Jim Gallagher, Wilf Murphy, Joe Rainford, Frank Rainford, Gerry Mahon, Joe Gaffey (2), Mike Brooks (2), Mike Noronha, Jim Roddy, Dennis Miles, Tony Peach, Harry Ainscough and Ron Kilburn. 

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