James O'Garr

(School staff 1956 back row: Miss E Harney, Mr D O'Connor, Mr. J O'Garr, Mr T Marsden, Miss T Harney. front row: Mr W Brady (Governor), Fr T O'Shaughnessy, Mr B Woolf)
James Muir O'Garr was born in Collyhurst, 12 July 1891, the son of a decorator. In 1911 James was working in an umbrella factory and he married Mary Critchley in 1915. They had two children James (1920-2000) and Mary (1922-1990)
He served in WW1 first with the 16th Manchesters but was discharged in early 1916, he then re-enlisted with the 8th Loyal North Lancs, being discharged 28 Jan 1918.We know when he worked at the school that he had a "wooden leg". We don't know if this is related to his military service.
1938 appointed caretaker of St Luke's school. In 1939 they are listed in the census as living at 17A Claremont Road. As a member of the school staff he was much more than a caretaker and in fact he would accompany the school children to the swimming baths. He retired in 1956 after 18 years as caretaker.

He is first mentioned as a School Governor in the minutes of 14th July 1967 and at some time he had moved across the road to 12 Claremont Road.

In 1969 he was awarded the Benemerenti Medal for 40 years service to the SVP.

Last attended Governors' meeting 8th Dec 1978. 6th April Governors' minutes note that Mr J O'Garr was in hospital having suffered a severe stroke. He died 14 June 1979.


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