German Parish adopted

(News article from the Swinton Journal 20th February 1948)

A young Irlams o'th' Height soldier serving in Germany was so shocked by the conditions under which the people were living that whilst on leave, he suggested that parishioners of St Luke'  R.C. Church, Irlams o'th' Height, might be able to bring some comfort to them. As a result a parish in Hanover has now been "adopted" by the people of St Luke's and parcels of clothing and a little food have already been sent to Germany.

It was Peter Towers, serving with the R.A.P.C. in Hanover who started the idea He discussed the matter whilst on leave, and when he returned to Germany, contacted the Rev. Fr. Joseph Klecker of Bad Rothenfelde, Teutoburger Wald, in the suburbs of Hanover.

In a letter to Fr, T. J O'Shaughnesy, Parish Prist at St Luke's, Fr. Klecker describes the terrible conditions under which his people are living. He says "My parish is a widespread one, of whom 1400 are refugees from the eastern zone of Germany, and some are people who have lost everything by bomb damage. These people have practically no personal property. In some cases they are living in a room - men, women and children. They have no warm stove, few clothes or shoes, and they are very hungary"

Fr. Klecker adds that the nursery is unimaginable and concludes "I pray daily that God might show me a way to protect these people from the worst."

Fr. O'Shaughnessy told a "Journal" reporter, "It was up to us what we could do for them" and the 'Height parishioners have certainly responded to the call. Members of the Society of St Vincent De Paul undertook to dispatch the gifts to Germany. Already about eight large parcels of clothing and a little food have been sent and it is hoped that more will be sent in the near future

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