Art and Artefacts of old St Luke's

1924 Statues of Sacred Heart, Our Lady, Little Flower

(above photo shows the 1937 Stuflesser Sacred Heart)

1927 brass candlesticks for the altar privately donated

1927 Stations of the Cross (Fr Harold O.F.M)

1934 processional cross and 6 brass candlesticks for the High Altar (various family donations)

1935 brass crucifix donated Miss Ryan

1935 March: Oil painting "Descent From The Cross" by a student of Rubens copying a work by the original artist. Donated by Miss Agnes Murray. This photo is of the Rubens original. The copy is shown behind the altar in the photo at the top of this page.

1935 (opened 8th September)  outdoor Calvary and Lourdes grotto (demolished end of 1970 to make room for temporary classrooms)


1936 Paschal candlestick, Missal and Missal stand, brass gong, Sedilia

1937 Statue of the Sacred Heart by Stuflesser of the Tyrol for the church

1937 Outdoor shrine to the Sacred Heart (presumably using the original Sacred Heart statue that had previously been in the church)


1969 Statues of Our Lady and Sacred Heart transferred from old church to new



Parish History Group

If you would like to help research the history of the Parish or have any stories or photos then please get in touch. or speak to Paul Ashton, Stephanie McDonough or Pat Murray

We have some specific requests for information

  • Photos of our Assistant Priests/Curates
  • Photos and stories of the Charter Players
  • Photo
    • Fr J Leo McGinnell
    • James O'Garr  (1891-1979)
    • Billy Brady Sr
  • Servicemen of WWII (your parents/grandparents/great-grandparents ?)
  • Early photos of Ss Peter and Paul