Fr Bernard Begley

Fr Begley stayed at Ss Peter and Paul's presbytery just a few months when he was appointed chaplain to Hope Hospital but whilst in the parish, he did assist with masses at Ss Peter and Paul's.

Bernard Begley was born 2 October 1910 in Killtimagh, Co Mayo, at the age of eight he moved to England to live with his Uncle and Aunt in Padiham. He trained at St Bede's College and at Ushaw, being ordained 28 July 1935 at St Anne's Church, Blackburn.

Fr Begley began his ministry on loan to the Diocese of Shrewsbury, working at Benchill. He was recalled to the diocese in 1938 and appointed curate at Audley. In 1940, he moved to Hulme and in 1944 to St Joseph, Bury, to St Teresa, Irlam in 1946 and to St Edmund, Miles Platting in 1949.

In 1957 Fr Begley's health collapsed and he resigned from the parochial mission. He served a few months as chaplain at Hope Hospital, Salford, but died 24 January 1958 at the age of 47, just 3 months after moving into his own house. Fr McGinnell, who had also taken over his work at the hospitals during his illness, wrote "a loss very deeply felt by this parish to whom he had been so good a friend". 


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