St Luke's Parish Priests and Curates

Fr Thomas Singleton (Founder PP 1922-1926)

Fr J O'Donnell (PP 1926-1930)

Fr Thomas Dillon (PP 1930-1932)

Fr Timothy Crowley (Curate 1931-1932)

Fr Thomas O'Shaughnessy (PP 1932-1961)

Fr James McGinnell (Chaplain Hope Hospital, assisting masses ?-1938)

Fr Michael O'Sullivan (Chaplain Hope Hospital, assisting masses 1938-1948)

Fr Anthony McNulty (Chaplain Hope Hospital, assisting masses 1948-1957)

Fr John Bergin J.C.L. (Curate 1955-1961)

Fr Michael V Brown (PP 1961-1991)

Fr T Murray (Chaplain to St Lawrence, assisting masses  (1961?-1963/4?) left to Nigeria

Fr G Wearden (Curate 1964-1967)

Fr B Quilter (Curate 1967-1968)

Fr W Kelly (Curate 1968 6 months) left to Ireland

Fr Philip O'Mara (Curate 1968 - 69/70?)

Fr Keville (Curate 69/70? to 1973)

Fr C Pilkington (Curate 1973-1975) left for sabbatical

Fr David Lannon (Curate 1975-1981)

Fr Patrick Coyne (Curate 1981-1987)

Fr John Williams (PP 1991-current)

Fr Shaun Braiden (Chaplain Hope Hospital, assisting masses 1999-2002)

Fr Frances (Frank) Waterworth  (Chaplain Hope Hospital, assisting masses 2002-?)

Fr Joseph Jeyaraj (visiting 2005-2007)

Parish History Group

If you would like to help research the history of the Parish or have any stories or photos then please get in touch. or speak to Paul Ashton, Stephanie McDonough or Pat Murray

We have some specific requests for information

  • Photos of our Assistant Priests/Curates
  • Photos and stories of the Charter Players
  • Photo
    • Fr J Leo McGinnell
    • James O'Garr  (1891-1979)
    • Billy Brady Sr
  • Servicemen of WWII (your parents/grandparents/great-grandparents ?)
  • Early photos of Ss Peter and Paul